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One of the most commonly asked questions in the last 12 months is "should we put our IT in the Cloud?"

At Principal Technologies, we are able to advise if your business is a candidate to move partially or fully into the cloud.

Now... to answer the question, what is the cloud?
"Cloud Computing" means in simple terms to move your in-house IT infrastructure online to a provider that manages your systems, data and maintenance for you.

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"The Cloud" is not for everyone, here's why...

While operating in the cloud simplifies IT and allows greater flexibility and potentially lower costs, it is not suitable for all businesses. Before you can operate in the cloud, you need to be aware that your information is no longer under your roof. For cloud success you need to ensure that your cloud provider has a fool proof backup system, that your information is not accessible by unauthorised people and that it is hosted on a reliable internet connection.

  • Low up-front cost
  • Scalability
  • Access from anywhere
  • Automatic backups
  • Built-in redundancy (high availability)
  • No product life-cycle on infrastructure (servers)
  • Higher ongoing cost
  • Less control over data and disaster recovery
  • Totally reliant on internet connection
  • Application performance could suffer
  • Increased bandwidth costs
  • Data is potentially less secure