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Storage Area Networks

For medium to large organisations, SANs are a must. With the advent of virtualisation technology, SANs provide a central and redundant storage solution to provide high availability and reduced downtime when coupled with a suitable hypervisor.

Supported Technologies

  • Fibre Channel
  • Gigabit & 10GBE iSCSI
  • Clustered SANs
  • VMWare vMotion
  • Cloud Computing


  • Citrix
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Open-E
  • VMWare

Network Attached Storage

We can either build or supply a pre-built NAS using several off the shelf Vendors such as QNAP, Equalogic or Thecus. For large scale NAS storage (20+ drives) we can supply both T1 vendors and custom build solutions.

What is the difference between a SAN and a NAS?

A SAN (although sometimes connected through a network) writes at the block level, providing two advantages:
1. High speed through not slowing down due to network protocol overheads
2. The storage can be mounted like a physical disk on the target server

A NAS mounts the physical disk and shares the disk out using file sharing protocols such as SMB (Windows file sharing), FTP and HTTP. The advantages are:
1. Easily accessible by any computer on the network
2. Easy to configure
3. Great for backups / general storage

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