Get the most from your infrastructure

Virtualization is a standard practise

Virtualization is the process of running multiple "virtual" servers on a single physical machine or cluster of machines.

Principal Technologies can design, deliver and support several different virtualization (hypervisor) platforms to suit your business needs.

What we can do

  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • VMWare
  • Citrix XenServer
  • High availability solutions utilising SAN storage

Advantages of Virtualisation

  • Lower number of physical servers - you can reduce hardware maintenance costs
  • Disaster recovery benefits through improved backup and restore options and not being locked down to a specific hardware platform
  • Increased scalability - add additional servers as required without additional hardware costs
  • By implementing a server consolidation strategy, you can increase the space utilization efficiency in your data center or server room
  • By having each application within its own "virtual server" you can prevent one application from impacting another application when upgrades or changes are made
  • You can deploy multiple operating system technologies on a single hardware platform (i.e. Windows Server 2008, Linux, Windows 7, or legacy servers)
  • You can develop a standard virtual server build that can be easily duplicated which will speed up server deployment.

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