Video conferencing with Vidyo

Video conferencing allows you to slash staff travel costs through linking conference rooms, desktops and mobile endpoints with real-time HD video.

Benefits of Vidyo

  • Anyone - Vidyo allows your to conduct high quality meetings leveraging tools you may already have at your fingertips, such as a computer or laptop, webcam and speaker and microphone or handset. This makes Vidyo conferencing available to everyone in an organisation, not just the executives.
  • Anywhere - Anywhere you can get access to a broadband internet connection you can conduct a Vidyo meeting. This enables people working from home, in small remote offices or hotels while on the road to stay connected. We have even had people do Vidyo meetings using the air cards and in-flight network.
  • Anytime - Vidyo users have access to make calls to other Vidyo users spontaneously at all times, day or night. No scheduling is required. This is true for one-on-one and multi-party Vidyo calls.

Who could take advantage of Vidyo?

  • Multiple locations domestically and internationally
  • Those with remote employees working from home offices or contract locations
  • Those who would like to raise the level of interaction with clients and/or vendors

What are some common applications for Vidyo?

  • Remote training for employees, clients and vendors
  • Team meetings and weekly meetings for connected groups
  • Executive meetings
  • Remote interviews
  • Improving efficiences and communication in geographically dispersed work groups
  • Any face-to-face meeting that prevents travel
  • Board meetings
  • Healthcare - Telehealth and administrative applications
  • Education
  • Sales
  • Legal - remote depositions and constant client contact
  • Human Resources - Policy, procedure and interviews
  • Customer Support

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