Why Choose Us

Principal Technologies’ competitive advantage in IT support comes from the ability to have strength in both the supply of hardware as well as support services in the IT industry. Principal Technologies is a subsidiary of Principal Computers. Principal Computers is one of the largest IT suppliers in Tasmania and Canberra, with over 40 full time staff including 11 dedicated sales staff and 10 dedicated service technicians.

What this means for the you is that Principal Technologies can deliver the most competitive prices on IT hardware and solutions in the market while also providing exceptional value for money on IT support services.

Principal Technologies has been and continues to be extremely successful in the TAS and ACT IT market, currently managing services for various levels of business, ranging from local government, industry bodies and small to medium enterprise. Our major point of difference is that we supply only what the customer needs, not trying to "up-sell" or "over-sell" on any hardware or service requirement.

In the past 12 months in the ACT and Tasmania, Principal Technologies has expanded significantly in the IT support arm of the business. We continue to pick up new business relationships through our straight shooting advice and fresh approach to IT support services.

From our support locations in Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne and Canberra, we cover a wide geographical area.

Why customers choose us

Our team is made up of technicians who are both self-taught and qualified and most importantly have a large amount of experience in their field. We employ technicians who are of a mixed background in terms of qualifications including Microsoft, VMWare, Symantec and Cisco certifications. When employing technicians, we seek out people with good communication skills so that the customer feels comfortable dealing with us.

Many of our technicians have different skill sets that can be drawn upon to provide solutions or solve problems that may arise when supporting the customer. With the increased use of remote support, this allows us to draw from experience in both our locations, regardless of the large geographical separation. What this means for you is that the right technician for the job can connect in at any time and solve any issue that may arise even if that technician might be operating in an interstate office.

We keep detailed records on our customer’s equipment and their network infrastructure. While most customers will have one or two technicians dedicated to them, our inventory record keeping system allows any of our authorised technicians or experienced contractors the ability to work within the customer’s organisation.

What to expect when dealing with us

Principal Technologies delivers enterprise-grade support services to organisations in wide-ranging industries throughout Tasmania and Canberra.

  • Genuine value for money
  • Flexibility in products and services
  • Responsive and proactive support
  • Consistent and proven technical expertise and management capability
  • Streamlined business activity and continuity
  • Highest-level accountability and transparency
  • Mature business processes and sound project management

Technology partners

Industry-leading manufacturers

Principal Technologies holds endorsed reseller agreements with:

  • ASUS - Known innovator and technology leader in notebooks, PCs, servers and peripherals (http://www.asus.com)
  • IBM - Well-established supplier of notebooks, desktops, workstations, servers and storage and peripherals (http://www.ibm.com)


With as successful track record of delivering high-quality business outcomes for its clients, Principal Technologies maintains a loyal client base across wide-varying organisation types and industries. Client relationships are characterised by high-involvement engagements, ongoing service agreements and external-asset-level strategic partnerships.

Key clients include large education organisations, government organisations and small to medium enterprises for which Principal Technologies has delivered and maintained large deployments including PCs, servers and peripherals. Significant experience has also been amassed in the government space through the supply of peripherals to a number of Tasmanian State Government.

We can provide references of specific customers on request.

For more information, or to receive a quote on any of our products or services, please give us a call on the number below.

(03) 6235 5022 Hobart